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Nutritional Balancing Program and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Nutritional balancing program is mainly the research of Dr. Paul C. Eck and Dr. Lawrence Wilson. Dr. Paul C. Eck was a physician and a researcher. He discovered a newer assessing tool, the hair mineral analysis or hair biopsy for determining what supplements to be given to his patients.

Nutritional balancing program is a total healing system. It makes use of all of Western medical science and many principles of Eastern healing sciences as well.

Various Causes of Mineral Imbalances

1. FOODS. Eat wholesome food. Try to avoid refined and junk foods as much as possible, especially refined foods made with sugar. All types of junk food which eventually disrupt the delicate balance of minerals in your body. If you want to have a lot of energy, avoid junk food.

2. FOOD UTENSIL. Avoid aluminum cookware and all copper utensils.

3. MEDICATIONS. Most medications will eventually cause mineral imbalances in your body if taken for a long period of time. Blood pressure drugs, antihistamines, weight loss drugs, heart medication all these can cause mineral imbalance in your body.

4. WATER. Water is one of the most widespread causes of mineral toxicity. Many people have high levels of copper and other toxic minerals in their water. Too much lead, copper or cadmium will diminish sex life. Most water pipes are copper pipes. Even spring water can contain unbalanced mineral levels which cause poor health.

5. PHYSICAL STRESS. Many people who pride themselves working 20 hours a day are one day going to pay a big price for their actions. Too much physical stress of any kind can severely upset mineral balances.

6. EMOTIONAL STRESS. Any kind of emotional stress can cause mineral imbalance. Having people argue with you all the time is enough to do the job. You can lose your entire health by being around people who are in an emotional frenzy all the time. When you complain that a person is draining you, this is actually what is happening. They are draining you of your mineral balance. Stress from a marriage, a job, a friend or anything else will cause mineral imbalance. Many people can vastly improve their health by avoiding people or situations which cause them emotional stress.

Is Nutritional balancing working for everyone?

The nutritional balancing approach to healing is good for most people, but not for everyone. It requires discipline to follow the life style and diet. One has to take supplements at least twice and preferably three times per day. The cost of the supplements is about $140-160 per month.

Do not take supplements at random.

Without a hair tissue mineral analysis, there is no scientific way of telling exactly which vitamins and minerals are needed.

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